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Welcome to Mommycosm!

Est. 2007

Editor-in-Chief: Kim Grenon

Contact Me or email: kim at mommycosm dot com

Kim Grenon (aka Ashlie) is a thirty-something mom to 4th grader Sarah* and 1st grader Max*.  Kim and Jake* have been married since 2001. They currently live on the Seacoast of New Hampshire, but travel to sunny Aruba each winter and threaten to move there someday.

Kim is not only a wife and mother, she is also a: live streaming producer, professional product reviewer, social media marketer, freelance copywriter, brand ambassador, recent yoga enthusiast, high school softball coach, Reiki practitioner, dog mom, stem cell donor, Grumpy Slayer, Bon Jovi obsessed fan, latte addict...and much more...and not necessarily in that order.

Mommycosm can be found all over the internet.  Kim frequents most: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and in fall 2010 launched a new web show which she both produces and hosts called Mommycosm Reviews.  It simulcasts on MomTV.

During a trip to Aruba in 2010, Kim was interviewed twice on ATV (an NBC affiliate) while promoting a free softball clinic open to all girls on the island.  The clinic also received wide exposure within all island newspapers.

In 2011, Kim was hired as a contract Producer for TheMotherhood's live video chat events. She is working hard to launch her new company called Your Stream Team.

To learn more about Kim, check out the Top 10: Random Facts About THE Mommy (8/10/2007), My 100 Things (12/10/2007) and Meet the Mommycosm family (8/25/2008) posts.

Want to know how Kim got into this crazy Mommy blogging thing?  Check out The Reality of Mommycosm (8/27/2010) for details.

Mommycosm is PR Friendly.  Kim has promoted brands such as: Energizer, Toyota, Jockey, Cotton, Disney Studios, Sprite, Osh Kosh B’Gosh, Wendy’s, Ford, Red Robin, McDonalds, Tassimo, and SeaWorld.  She enjoys writing posts almost as much as vlogging, live streaming and being an on-site correspondent.

Check out the Review/Giveaway page for information about how Mommycosm can help your company promote its product and/or service.  These are Mommycosm's advertising fees for banners. If you are a company about to launch a product and would like to issue a live press release on your website or an author interested in hosting a live chat with your followers, contact Kim (kimgrenon at yahoo dot com) for a Production quote.

Alright.  Enough of speaking of myself in the 3rd person...

Mommycosm Readers, the rules of the cosm are simple:

Comments are always welcome, unless you are a TROLL. Don’t even think about leaving hateful comments or negative energy in my world.  This is my blog and free speech only applies when I want it to.

I sometimes promote products that I receive for free.  Sometimes I get paid to promote products (not often enough!).  I vow to always give you my honest opinion.  My goal isn't to collect free product, it is to add value to your lives and mine.

Nothing here is confidential, unless I want it to be.

Before you send scathing messages about the swearing in some of the older posts, please, Please, PLEASE read more recent posts addressing this issue: Potty Mouth Police on the Prowl (10/9/2009) and Potty Mouth Police on the Prowl: Annual Addition (7/25/2010).  I don't swear (nearly as much) online these days.

I rarely only recently began to post pictures of the Mommycosm family.  I am totally paranoid about stalkers and pervs. If you are a stalker or perv and you use one of my pictures, I will hunt you down. I know people. Lots of people.  They will hunt you down as well.

Oh, and for the record, I don’t feel that I am THE ultimate authority on being a mommy. Mommies come in all shapes, sizes and beliefs. BUT, Mommycosm is the world according to MY viewpoint, so for the sake of this blog, I am THE Mommy.

My world. My rules.

Don’t like it? Don’t read it.

*Real names have been changed to protect those caught in the line of fire within Mommycosm.  I decided to blog my life.  They didn't.  They can come out with their real names when/if they so choose.


Mommycosm's cartoon blog banner that is sometimes up top was designed by the fabulous:

[last edit: August 10, 2010]