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On Mom Guilt and cloning

Conversation yesterday between me and my 8 year old 3rd grader.

Charlie: Mommy, are you chaperoning my field trip tomorrow?

Me: No, honey.  I can't this time.

Charlie: But whyyyyy?

Me: I teach yoga on Fridays until 10am and your trip leaves at 8:30am.  Can't be in two places at once.

*thoughtful pause*

Charlie: I'm going to invent a cloning gun.  Then I'll shoot you with it and you can go to both.

Me: *giggle* Yep, I believe you could one day, baby.  I really do.

Oh, my heart.  Mom Guilt.  She's a nasty little bitch, no?


iPhone iOS7 tips & tricks roundup

OK, I'll admit, I'm not always one to jump on the Next Best Thing bandwagon.  It took me years to switch over from my trustworthy Crackberry to an iPhone.  I swear I was one of the last people to finally convert.


I couldn't resist upgrading my iPhone 4s to the new iOS7 on the first day it was offered... yesterday.  The feature to draw me in?  Folders.  They now hold more apps by placing them in pages within the folders.  Haven't tested to see if there is a max limit within each, but I've been consolidating my folders and love being able to have everything on the home page again.

Yes, I know, I have a ton of apps.

Least helpful, but coolest new feature?  Siri now has an option for a male voice.  Disappointed they haven't given the option for various accents... mine definitely would be sporting a New Zealand one... but it's a definitely more fun to try to get HIM to talk dirty to me instead of the girly Siri.

Shut up, like you haven't asked that from Siri before.  Deny it.

So, do I love iOS7?

Love is such a strong word.

Like the first day I switched from a PC to a Mac, I couldn't help but feel all thumbs while trying to figure out simple tasks, like shutting off apps.  I don't love feeling adept.

Also, I'm not a love-at-first-sight kinda girl.  Check back in a couple of weeks, perhaps my love will have grown.  I definitely like more than I dislike so far.

SO, about that all thumbs thing.  I connected with my favorite problem solving consultant... Google... ehem... and found some really good articles about the new iOS7 features.  Lots of helpful tips & tricks out there already.

Here are a few links to check out:

That should get you beyond started.

Have you upgraded to iOS7 yet? 

Don't use the iPhone?  Why not?  My readers tend to be tech savvy.  Would love to hear about other devices you have chosen over the iPhone.

Disclaimer: Nope, not sponsored. Sharing links out of kindness of my heart.


138th Rochester Fair 


Yep, it's fall.  The nights are cooler.  The days are shorter.  The kids are settled into the new school year.  That must mean it's time for.... 


In our parts, that's the Rochester Fair - celebrating 138 years.

I know.  It's dirty.  It's loud.  The food is SO unhealthy.


It's tradition in these parts.

So, when my husband (who is not from around here) asked his annual oh-so-silly question: "Do we HAVE to go to the fair EVERY year?!"

He got an emphatic response from me and the kids of "ABSOLUTELY!"


I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that this was probably my 38th year going to the fair.  I attended a private school located just down the street during grades 1-8.  Each year during fair week, we would serendipitously have a half day on Wednesday.  It was tradition for the older grades to walk after school down to the fair to spend the afternoon getting dizzy on rides and eating fair food.  I may have missed a year or two when I lived down in Boston after college... so I'd say 38 of the 138 years is accurate.

A lot of the fair experience is been there, done that. 

You know, the rides.  The exhibits.  The games.

It's fun to see it again through my kids' eyes.

Oh, and this year, I experienced a first.  A vendor was selling fried... well, just about everything.  We opted for the Oreos, pictured above.  Pretty sure this will become a Thanksgiving tradition to cook up after our fried turkey.



The booth was located right at the main entrance, too.  Got us just as we were walking in.

So, we decided to see the animals and exhibits first, allowing us to walk the oreos off, if that was even possible.

Met this handsome, smiling Giraffe.

Who proceeded to ... 

Yep.  Pick his nose with his tongue.

Talented, that Giraffe.

In addition to the exotic, nose-picking animals, there were a ton of local farms showing off their animals.

My favorite are the piglets.

And that, my friends, is where the term PIG PILE originated.

My son enjoyed the pigs, too.  I think he feels a kinship with them... we sometimes refer to him as Pig Pen due to the way he leaves a pile of dust behind him in his wake.

The one shot I got of my kids was in the sheep barn.

Where we all agreed this was a fitting shot to take of me...

Get it? The Black Sheep.


I agree with my husband that the fair is overpriced, overwhelming & dirty experience that we never get out of without one of the kids crying for more of something despite us dropping about $100 for the day.  But it's not a tradition I'm willing to give up.  


How about you?  Any fairs near you?  Or traditions you and your spouse aren't on the same page about?


Wordless Wednesday: about time


Well, isn't that above screenshot a sight for (my) sore eyes?!  And I mean that literally.  It appears the mice really do play while the cat is away... someone hacked Mommycosm and infected it with malware during my unscheduled haitus.  Which meant that google blacklisted me.

Now, it does sound kinda a little badass to get blacklisted, but I don't recommend it.  No one could access the site without a nasty message saying it was dangerous.  I wasn't able to login for days and then had to manually go through 6+ years of comments to remove any posted references and suspicious comments that may have code imbedded.

Thus the sore eyes.

Glad to be up and running again.

Happy Wordless Wednesday, everyone!


Wordless Wednesday : warm ups

While watching BP on the field at a Red Sox game last night (more on that later!), I was left wordless with just a huge smile on my face after watching the San Diego Padres do their dynamic warm ups all together- including their adorable bat boy.
Been preaching the benefits of dynamic vs static warm ups for years to my high school softball teams. Loved seeing the pros in action :)

(Wondering why my mobile app won't let me include link to other wordless Wednesday entries. Sigh. Will add when I'm on the full site later!)