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Lyme Disease Vaccination Reaction

Our Australian Cattle Dog, Jasper, almost died 3 years ago. He came down with a mysterious “virus” about a week after receiving his rabies and Lyme Disease vaccines. Long story, short version: He developed symptoms similar to Lyme Disease and ended up getting vasculitis so severe that the knuckles in his front paws burst and he developed an infection from the inside-out. We had to remove almost all of his toes in order to save his life. He came home after a month at the animal hospital with a $3500.00 bill!

At the time, we were struggling with the issue of whether or not to resume vaccinations with Princess. You see, she had a reaction to her 2 month shots which caused us to hold off until her 2nd birthday to make a decision about where we stood on the vaccination issue.

We were a bit “on the fence” until Jasper’s unfortunate near-death experience. We took our cues from the universe and committed to being one of those vaccine-free families. For the record, every state has a loophole.  New Hampshire allows for a “religious exemption”. We simply sign the form and have it notarized prior to each start of school. So far, we haven’t had any issues, not even from the private-Catholic school where Princess will be attending kindergarten. (I held my breath when I submitted that one!!) I will expand on the topic of childhood vaccination in a future post.

Getting back to the dog, Jasper is a strong and feisty soul. He gets around just fine despite his lack of toes…a close friend of ours has nicknamed him “paws”. SO, he was due for another rabies shot this month. The town where we live is diligent about dog licenses. Our state almost never allows for exemptions and will not accept a titer as replacement for having the shot. I was extremely hopeful that the vet would support us if we opted to NOT give him the vaccine. Unfortunately, there was no way around it.

My WTF moment this week was the realization that it’s easier to exempt the kids from vaccinations than the poor dog!! Another WTF moment…I cried twice yesterday, and I’m not a crier…once when I dropped off BamBam at day care and the other when the needle was going into JasperCrying.


Midweek Menu: Fresh Herb Omelet

I had the BEST omelet ever when I was on Nantucket last weekend. The host had a fresh herb and vegetable garden. She picked fresh basil, tarragon and a tomato. I’ve never thought to put herbs in with my egg mixture…WOW. It was amazing and stuck with me enough that I had to try to make one this morning!


2-4 eggs per person


fresh tarragon

fresh basil

any fresh veggies you desire


EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)

Drizzle a small amount of EVOO around a frying pan. Set at medium heat.

Beat the eggs with about a teaspoon of milk per egg

chop fresh basil and tarragon into small pieces, add to egg mixture

pour egg mixture into heated pan and allow to sit until top starts to firm

add fresh tomato and other veggies

add shredded cheese (or even crumbled feta, yum)

when cheese is almost melted, fold omelet in half and allow to cook until middle looks heated through.


If you’re not the type of person to have fresh herbs and veggies in your garden, you can do as I did this morning…use dried herbs and whatever you can scrounge up from the fridge. Just having the herbs in the egg mixture is YUMMY!


1st day of school SUCKS

My heart shattered into a million pieces this morning. It was BamBam’s first day of “school”. We enrolled him in a local day care because I’m trying to work more hours and it’s getting impossible to do so with a 2 year old in the house. Princess starts full-day kindergarten next week, so I thought it would be nice to start BamBam a week earlier and spend some quality girl time together before her big 1st day. Great theory.

Drop off went well. The school had everything ready for him. His name was on his cubby and lunch seat. The teachers were very friendly and kept saying how it was the best drop off ever b/c he just ran off to play. He is used to babysitters at the house when I coach softball in the spring, so I wasn’t worried about drop off. I’m worried about the “oh, crap!” moment when he realizes that I’m not there. Unfortunately, I caught a glimpse of it as I was leaving. I have really hyped the whole “school” thing. He’s always been with me when dropping off Princess at pre-school and summer camp, so he understands the concept. I said goodbye and left him playing with his class on the playground. I felt a twinge of guilt as I was walking away. The clincher happened as I was pulling out of the parking lot…I saw him looking frantically for me. He looked under the slide and through the gate.  I cried the whole way home. Princess even noticed b/c she said “OH, BamBam is looking for us, mommy. He must be so sad.”

I have friends who have always sent their kids to day care…they told me that I probably will have a harder time than him. God, I hope so because I’ve been spending the last hour wondering if I’m doing the right thing. Am I being selfish wanting to work? On one hand, I’ve been “at home” with Princess for 5 years and BamBam for all of his 2 years.  THE Daddy thinks I’ve done my time and I shouldn’t feel guilty. On the other hand, how much time is enough time?!?!


Top 10: Best Children's Books


My Favorite- Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child

I survived my weekend in Nantucket with the girls. Overall, we had a great time and it was very relaxing. THE Bride was doing well until someone started sending “3 Wise Men” shots her way, ouch. She was very, very sick and said in the morning that she vomited so much it felt like she’d been through an “exorcism”. I shared a room with her and heard the multiple trips to the WC throughout the morning and can attest that it indeed sounded like an exorcism was occurring! It’s a shame that we went out for a $350 meal of tapas and high-end cocktails.

Anyhow, she was unable to keep down even water in the morning, so we went in search of some homeopathic pellets. I have started using them with my family in recent years. My pediatrician recommended “Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child” and it has become our BIBLE. It is my favorite reference book for anything related to health for Princess and Bambam. I truly believe in homeopathy and have seen the benefits with my family and friends. This book is great for the family looking to dabble in more natural remedies because it lists various ailments and offers conventional treatments, dietary guidelines, nutritional supplements, herbal treatments, and homeopathy. It then groups everything together for “general recommendations”. It’s very easy to read and I like that it isn’t biased towards any one method.

I purchased some Ipecacuanha at the local pharmacy. THE Bride let the pellets dissolve under her tongue and within minutes the demon was exorcised. She slept comfortably for a few hours and bounced back enough to make the boat and the long car ride home. Congrats to THE Bride…and to THE Groom: for the record, she was very well behaved. We only had to delete 2 pictures from the cameraPsychotic.