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Yummy winter boots from Crocs

It's no secret here in Mommycosm that I am not a fan of winter.  Cold.  Snow.  They are my kryptonite.  

We have a family home on the sunny-all-year island of Aruba.  If we ever win the lottery (please, please?) or somehow else become independently wealthy, we would move there and avoid winter all together.  But that's just not in the cards.


So, I do what a reluctant New Hampshire native needs to do in order to get through cold, nasty winters.  I drink lots of warm lattes and make sure I am outfitted properly and fashionably for the cruel weather.

Speaking of fashionable, check out these new winter boots from Crocs.  Yes, you heard me right.  I said Crocs.

They are yummy and have become my go-to favorite to wear out and about when I'm brave enough to be out and about.  Warm and soft on the inside over a base that feels as wonderful as summer Crocs, all while remaining extremely fashionable on the outside.

love, Love, LOVE.

You can purchase these and other Crocs online via their website or find a retail store near you using their handy, dandy store locator.

The boots pictured here are mine, all mine.  They are the women's Berryessa Hiking Boot and are on sale right now for 21% off.  Woot!

My feet will be happy.  Any advice on how to get the rest of me through winter this year?

Disclaimer: I was offered free product in exchange for sharing information with my readers.  Thoughts are always my own.


Dreaming of summer while wearing Crocs winter boots

Want to know a little trick I use to bring a touch of summer back into dreary winter days?

Every once in a while, when I can't take any more of the sky and land blending into one greyish hue, I apply sunscreen instead of my normal moisturizer.  It warms my soul to smell like beach all day and reminds me that there is (sun) light at the end of that dark tunnel also known as a NH winter.

My daughter is an Aruba baby and has a really hard time with winter.  Like mother like daughter, right?  She's a fourth grader.  Read: way too cool to play in the snow at school.  No snow pants for her - well, until I can get Katy Perry to design a sparkly pair that she is willing to pimp, thereby proving that cool girls can indeed be warm.


Totally lost the snow pant battle this year, but I still make her wear snow boots to and from school.  It's been far less of a struggle now that she has a pink pair of Crocs.

No, not the summer sandals.

Snow boots.

Looky here.

These are Crocs Chameleons™ Crocband™ Gust Boot.

Aren't they cool?

First of all, they are pink.  And girlie.

But even better?  The band changes color when the temp goes below 50 degrees.

Funny, she doesn't complain when I make her wear these.  Says they are super comfy.  Her words.

Crocs offers a variety of winter snow boots to suit your kids' style needs.  My son wants to try the glow in the dark ones.  Although I'm not sure I get the whole glow in the dark thing with snow boots.  Who wants to be outside in the winter when it's dark anyway?

 You can purchase Crocs winter boots via their website OR by using their handy, dandy store locator to find a store near you.  Prices range from $19.99 - $49.99 ish.


I was offered free product in exchange for sharing information with my readers.  Thoughts are my own.


Keep a little summer on the inside with Crocs back-to-school styles

OK, now they've done it.  My kids have been living in their Crocs Chameleons all summer long.  They have NOT been fans of wearing sneakers or school shoes.  Not even their soccer cleats.  Not even the stage shoes required for my daughter's performances in Oz at Prescott Park.  Can't say that I blame them.  Summers are hot and sticky here in New Hampshire and our yankee feet want to breathe... especially since they will soon be stuck in wool socks and boots for the endless months of COLD.

My kids are excited for back-to-school.  Yes, they are weird and I consider myself lucky, this year.  They can't wait to meet their new teachers and see who is in their classes.  They miss the playground.  They love taking the bus.  BUT... they haven't exactly been into shopping for fall clothing.  Pretty sure they are in denial that this wonderful summer weather will disappear shortly after the start of school.

Imagine my surprise when these cute, new back-to-school Crocs arrived.  Thought I would need to persuade my son to give them a try.  Oh, no.  He has been begging to wear them.  He doesn't even grumble about wearing socks.  They have quickly become his favorite shoes.  I thought it would be a struggle to get the kids back into school shoes.  Not so much, thanks to Crocs.  Go figure.

Check them out.

Totally school-approved on the outside.  Still Crocs on the inside.  No, really.  The insides are made of the same material as old-school clogs and sandals.  Wish they made them in adult sizes.

The Crocs website has a fun, animated video that features illustrated versions of the shoes.  You can click through in the video directly to purchase... and supposedly there are "Easter eggs" throughout which will provide finders with a surprise upon purchase.

Also, Crocs is holding a Sneak Summer Into School Sweepstakes.  Enter for a chance to win a trip for 4 to sunny San Diego.  I just returned from the BlogHer conference in San Diego and would LOVE the opportunity to bring my family back for a vacation.

You can purchase these cool, new back-to-school styles on  If you prefer to shop offline, use their store locator to find a retail store near you.  Prices range from $19.99 - $49.99, depending on the style.


I was offered a free pair of shoes in exchange for sharing information with my readers.  Thoughts are my own.


Get first access to Limited Edition Crocs Chameleons 

It's kind of cool to be among the first "in the know" about a new product, especially when said product is only going to be available on a limited release.  Even cooler when I get to share the knowledge with YOU, my fabulous readers.

Check out these new Crocs:

First of all, LOVE the music in the video.  Makes me want to find some rainbow leg warmers, a disco ball and...wait for it... jelly shoes.  Which is totally what Crocs remind me of, except they are MUCH more comfortable and don't get all smelly.  Right?

So, these are called Chameleons because they magically change color in the sun.  They are going to be all the rage this summer.  They aren't officially available to the public until May 13, 2011. 

But, I have a special link that will give you access to a special "first dibs" sale.  Simply go to and enter your info.  You will receive a link that wll be active on May 12, 2011...a full day before they go on sale to the public.

Also, if you follow Crocs on Facebook, they will be posting about the new Chameleons AND will randomly give away shoes to three people who comment on each post.

Stay tuned for a Twitter Party on May 9th.  Details to follow.


I was offered free product in exchange for sharing information with my readers.  Thoughts are my own.


New Crocs New You Contest & my interview with fashion expert Jenn Falik {giveaway}

Updated on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 at 01:15PM by Registered CommenterMommycosm

I want to believe it is spring.  I really, really do.  The calendar says we are official there.  We DID have one day last week in the 60s.  I actually pulled out my flip flops.  Softball officially started on Monday.  So there's that.  I had try-outs in the gym and drove home through 6 inches of snow.


Thinking Mother Nature hasn't gotten the memo.

Whether she gets it on not, spring IS here.  I don't know about you, but I fall into a rut of wearing black most of the winter.  I'm SO ready to talk spring fashion trends and had the opportunity to do just that with fashion expert Jenn Falik recently.

Here's my interview:

Click to read more ...