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Entries in Thanksgiving (3)


Thanksgiving in Mommycosm

Feel like I need to be wearing a tee shirt today reading "I survived Thanksgiving 2012".  We hosted dinner for 14 people - mostly my husband's side of the family.  Not gonna lie, the planning and build up were a bit stressful, but we have this down by now. We handled a lot of prep in advance and were able to enjoy the day.  Really, really.

Here are a few shots taken from my iPhone.

What's better than a fried turkey?  TWO fried turkeys :)

The oreo cookie place settings were a huge hit - and were yummy to eat after.

The Pioneer Woman's Stuffing entered the menu here 3 years ago.  I think I've finally perfected it, if I do say so myself.  Devine.

Not the greatest quality picture, but wanted to share anyway.  To simply say that this woman is my brother-in-law's mother doesn't depict the bond we have with her.  Nana.  She has seen 95 Thanksgiving dinners and I felt privileged to have her join us again this year.  We have fun together, if you couldn't tell.  She's trouble and recognized my kindred spirit years ago.  It's quite the compliment when she finishes her plate and ask for seconds.  Unfortunately, due to a fall out of bed a couple of years ago after imbibing in one (or maybe two) of my famous Naughty Gingerbread Mantinis, she had to stick to wine instead this year.

Confession: Pretty sure I only made the oreo turkeys to hear her giggle.

I'm still recovering from a turkey hangover and we still have way too much food left over, but I'm grateful to have both opportunity and means to host dinner for family.  When I look back on past holidays, I fondly remember times spent with my Grammy and Uncle Vic and miss them dearly.  Who knows where we will all be next year.

So... did you survive Thanksgiving?  Tell me what you did.


Fresh, natural turkeys from The Meat House [$50 giveaway]

We may be far north of the Mason-Dixon line up here in New Hampshire, but I swear sometimes I was meant to be a southern girl.  I prefer the heat over the snow, don't mind my husband driving around in a big 'ol truck and even catch myself saying y'all every now and again.

Must have been from Charleston in another life.

One other southern thang I enjoy?  Deep frying our Thanksgiving turkey.

Oh, yeah.  YUM.

It's become tradition to fry our turkey ever since we started hosting Thanksgiving Dinner a few years back.  We even serve it up on paper plates.  We're Klassy.

Not your traditional New England holiday dinner, right?  They might take away my Yankee card after admitting this so publicly;-)

My husband takes the turkey (or turkeys depending on how many people we're hosting) outside with the fryer while I prepare the sides inside.  He gets to play with fire and I get him out of the kitchen.  It's a recipe for a long, long marriage.  Posting goofy pictures of him kissing a turkey may not be... we shall see.  Ha.

I think he enjoys this tradition as much as I do.


Check out this recipe over at The Meat House Blog for fried turkey.  Frying is super fast (3 minutes per pound, plus 5 per bird) and frees up my oven for other things like the sweet potato casserole and snowflake buns.

OK, I'm getting hungry for turkey and Thanksgiving is still over a week away.  Planning to order my turkey on Friday from The Meat House.  I mentioned in the past that we prefer to buy all of our meats there.  So, I was super excited when I saw that they are taking orders for their fresh, natural turkeys.  Count me in.

Want to win a $50 gift card to The Meat House to buy yourself a fresh, natural turkey this year?  Here's how.


One lucky Mommycosm reader will win $50 gift card from The Meat House.

Mandatory Entry: Simply leave a comment on this post with your first name and state initials.  Tell me: have you ever fried your turkey?

One comment per person, please.  You must supply an email address in order for me to contact the winner.  (Note: I do NOT recommend putting email within the content of the comment itself. SPAM is not a quality meat.)

Submitting a comment constitutes agreeing to the terms of the Official Rules.

Extra Entry: Follow @TheMeatHouse and re-tweet their #Meatsgiving tweet, come back here and leave the link to your tweet in a separate comment.  Oh, and it's not just for an extra entry, it's for a great cause.  For every re-tweet, they will donate $.50 to Share our Strength, a campaign to end chlidhood hunger in America.


All comments must be received by Saturday, November 17, 2012 at 7pm (et).  Mommycosm will use to choose the winner.  Any comments received after the deadline will not be considered for the giveaway.  Although it is my intent for you to use this gift card to purchase your turkey, there is no guarantee that the gift card will arrive prior to Thanksgiving despite our best efforts... therefore you can use it to buy whatever you desire at The Meat House during this holiday season.


I received a gift card in order to facilitate my review.  Giveaway provided by The Meat House.  Opinions, thoughts and the goofy turkey kissing husband are mine, all mine.


Answers to your Thanksgiving questions: How big a turkey? How long to thaw? How long to cook?

Thanksgiving is quickly descending upon us.  We are hosting this year at our house for my husband's side of the family and some friends.  So far, it looks like we could have 12 adults and 7 kids.

The catch?  I'm headed out to NYC Tuesday into Wednesday, so we're trying to have everything planned out today.  (I'll tell you more about my trip tomorrow - I'm either going to win an award for the craziest OR the best mom ever.  That remains to be seen.)

We haven't hosted Thanksgiving before.  I'm not worried because we've hosted a thousand other parties, even our own wedding.  We can do this.

But we had questions about the actual turkey.

How big of a turkey do we need?  Especially if we want leftovers.  Because, you know, what good is Thanksgiving without a TON of leftovers?!

Is it too late to buy a frozen turkey?  If not, how long should it take to thaw?

How much stuffing do we need?

How long should we cook our turkey?  Ok, so maybe we don't need to answer that one because we are actually frying our turkey, but it's helpful to know, right?

I did what any respectable web researcher would do: I googled "how long to cook my turkey" and found the BEST resource on the topic.

Butterball has an awesome Calculators and Conversions page on their website.  You are able to plug the number of adults and children into a calculator, specify if you are big or light eaters and whether or not you want leftovers.


It gives you all you need to know about your turkey: size, time to thaw, time to cook.

And, the left sidebar has a $2.00 coupon.  Who couldn't use an extra $2.00 right now?!

I love the internet.

(Disclaimer: I have no association with Butterball whatsoever - other than eating their turkeys.  Just sharing useful information here.)