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Kim Grenon is a professional product reviewer, social media marketer, brand ambassador and freelance writer.  Kim launched Mommycosm, LLC in 2007.  She has promoted brands such as: Energizer, Toyota, Jockey, Cotton, Disney Studios, Sprite, Osh Kosh B’Gosh, Red Robin and Ford.  Mommycosm specializes in honest and fun reviews.

Basic reviews and giveaways are free at Mommycosm, but Kim does charge an administrative fee when providing additional services.


A. Basic Review (free)

  • Company sends Mommycosm product(s) to sample.  
  • Mommycosm gives honest review in a single blog post, providing pros and cons.
  • One link back to the company or product main website is provided.
  • Example: Shabby Apple’s Midnight Garden dress

B. Basic Review + giveaway (free)

C. Giveaway without Review ($50)

  • Company supplies one or more giveaways for readers and ships directly to winner(s).

D. Review and/or Giveaway + Social Media Marketing ($50)

  • Above, plus...
  • Giveaway promoted on at least 5 giveaway sites, twitter, Kim’s personal Facebook profile and Mommycosm’s Facebook page.
  • Entrants will be required to click to company website for first entry into giveaway.  Additional entries can be earned by liking company Facebook page and/or following company on Twitter.  This will increase company’s online following.
  • Mommycosm will provide post promotion statistical report.
  • Example: Osh Kosh B’Gosh $25 gift card

E. Social Media Poll, Review, Giveaway + Social Media Marketing ($75)

  • Above, plus...
  • Prior to writing review, Mommycosm will poll social media network (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) with a question relevant to the product.
  • Blog post containing review will include feedback from social media poll.
  • Example: No Panty Line Promise Luxe Collection by Jockey (minus the video)

F. Social Media Poll, Review, Giveaway, Social Media Marketing + VIDEO ($100)

  • Above, plus...
  • Mommycosm will produce, publish and embed a video sharing poll results and information about the product(s).
  • Video will be published on Mommycosm’s YouTube channel and/or MomTV.        
  • Example: No Panty Line Promise Luxe Collection by Jockey

G. Social Media Poll, Review, Giveaway, Social Media Marketing, coverage via LIVE episode of Mommycosm Reviews on MomTV - non-exclusive ($150)

  • Above, plus...
  • Instead of pre-filmed video, Mommycosm will review product(s) on live Mommycosm Reviews episode - schedule and air time tbd.
  • Live episode will be promoted in advance via Twitter, Facebook and one blog post.
  • Video archive will remain on the UStream Mommycosm Reviews channel.
  • Note: non-exclusive (up to 4 products within one 30 minute episode)
  • Example: Episode 2 recap

H. Social Media Poll, Review, giveaway, Social Media Marketing, Live coverage via LIVE episode of Mommycosm Reviews on MomTV - exclusive ($500)

  • Above, plus...
  • Company’s product(s) will be exclusively covered during the entire 30 minute episode.

Additional fees:
There will be a $10 fee plus shipping charge for each giveaway product requiring Mommycosm to re-ship to winner.

Note: Mommycosm does not allow companies to dictate keyword links.
Mommycosm’s lead time is approximately two weeks.  Company will be sent an email to confirm receipt of product and when to expect post to publish.  Company will be sent a link to the review/giveaway once published.  Any paid services will include a follow up statistical report.


Want to run a promotion outside of the scope outlined above?  Kim enjoys thinking outside of the box and is willing to work with you to create a promotion to meet your company’s online or in person needs.  She loves to travel and enjoys working on-site at events.

If you would like to speak further with Mommycosm about promotional opportunities for your product or brand, contact Kim Grenon at:  themommy at mommycosm dot com


Please note:  Some reviews/campaigns and ALL giveaways during 2008- summer 2010 were posted on either this review page or its own separate page due to Mommycosm's involvement with the BlogHer Ad Network.  BlogHer ads are no longer on this site.  You will see a sampling below of reviews that took place during this time period.  All future posts will reside on the main Mommycosm page.


I’m an Energizer Smart ChargHer at BlogHer10 - what that means to YOU

I feel as if I am leading a charmed life lately.  Ever since deciding to attend BlogHer 2010 in NYC at the last minute: a ticket fell into my lap, a roommate welcomed me to share her speaker-rated room, party offers arrived...and the best part...I won a coveted Energizer Smart ChargHer sponsorship.

I can’t help feeling that the universe is telling me I am meant to be at BlogHer this year.

So, about that Energizer sponsorship.  Not only do I not have to worry about what to wear during the conference - I’ll be wearing their polos during the day - but I get to pass out 100 Mommycosm USBs with Energizer info inside.  If you are at BlogHer, you are going to want one of those USBs, I swear.


Inside each USB will be instructions on how YOU can earn an Energizer Smart Charger and a $10 Target GC by writing a post about it or your experience with meeting the Smart ChargHers.  Way cool.

Not only that, but one USB will have a special code for a $500 Target GC.

Come find me in NYC.  I’ll be going to the conference and will be wearing my Energizer shirt all day Friday and Saturday.

Also attempting to attend:

Momtrends’ Yoga Class
Martha Stewart’s Bloggers’ Night Out
The People’s Party (although that would involve a cloning machine b/c it conflicts with the other 2 parties)
Schick Intuition Kiss & Tell

Disney screening of Secretariat
BlogHer reception
Mouthy Housewives Happy Hour

A Green Affair

I will try to spread out my distribution of the USBs throughout the weekend.  Just know that once they’re gone, they’re gone...I only have 100 of them.

Safe travels, everyone! 

Can’t wait to see you in NYC :)


Toyota Auto-Biography

My husband just started a new job.  He has to commute about 80 miles each way into Boston.  He will eventually have a company vehicle, but for now he is driving my Toyota Corolla S, Roxanne.  Much to my dismay.  I've been driving around another brand...a 10 year old small SUV.  It's OK - but it is super loud.  There's nothing wrong with it.  The aerodynamics are just crappy.  Plus, the seats don't fit me live a glove - not like Roxanne.


I've been thinking a lot about Toyotas since posting My Toyota Story.

We don't just own Roxanne.  We also have a Tacoma that we sent to Aruba over 8 years ago.  It was a few years old when we shipped it, so I'm thinking it's circa 1999ish.  My husband was given a work vehicle to use at the time and we no longer needed it here.  He didn't have the heart to get rid of it.  He gets a little attached to his vehicles.  Are all men that way?  Or just him?

Anyhow, this Tacoma, Blackie, it's a great little truck.  Perfect for us to have on the island.  It seriously just keeps going and going and going.

Since posting the original article, I've heard from a number of family members.  They, too, love their Toyotas.  They are blog-shy though and won't leave a comment. 

My husband's first new car was a Toyota Corolla.  He commuted to work an hour each way every day.  It's the vehicle he drove when I first met him.  He needed to upgrade to a truck and bought the Tacoma.  He was so attached to his Corolla, he would only agree to sell it to a friend.  He was even a little angry a few years later when she traded it in for a new model.

In the late 80s/early 90s, my grandparents had a great little Corolla as well.  My older cousin drove it for years when she first got her license.  My sister drove it for a bit, too.  Although the only memory I have of that is her puking out the window.  We were in high school.  PMS...or so she said.  That was a great car.  I think my cousin drove it to Florida with her when she moved years and years ago.

So, the feedback I have received: Toyotas are reliable, dependable, comfortable vehicles that are quailty in line with price.

Have a Toyota story that you'd like to share?  Add your Auto-biography to Toyota's Facebook page.

Disclaimer: I'm participating in a Toyota/TwitterMoms campaign, which inspired this post. My opinions, thoughts and feelings are my own. As a TwitterMom, I'm eligible for a courtesy gift of $50.


Review: Sid the Science Kid Gotta Know Microphone (powered by Energizer)

My kids are HUGE Sid the Science Kid fans.  We have a few Sid DVD reviews under our belts.  So when Three.Sixty Marketing & Communications (for The Jim Henson Company) sent us a free Sid the Science Kid Gotta Know Microphone from Hasbro, Inc. to review, Sarah and Max thought I was the Coolest.Mom.Ever.

The microphone is exactly like the one Sid carries around, complete with theme song, applause, echo and silly noise buttons.  They played with the microphone until the batteries ran out...which gave me an idea...

You see, there's this contest.  Energizer® Recharge Smart™ is offering (2) $2,000 BlogHer’10 sponsorship opportunities through An Island Life and Barefoot Mommies.  Have you heard?!  Well, I entered a few days ago with a post that explains why I would be the perfect blogger for the job.

So...the Sid Microphone needed new batteries...I needed to show Energizer that I would be a great brand ambassador...and...

Voila.  Inspiration struck.

I present you with the first ever Mommycosm Review video:

If you have NO idea who Sid is, but you want to see hilarious footage of my kids - scroll to the last minute.  Trust me, it's worth it;)

Have a Sid fan in your house? If you would like a Sid the Science Kid Gotta Know Microphone, click on the link.  (Disclaimer: Yes, that's my Amazon affiliate link.  Nope, still haven't accumulated enough affiliate $$ for them to cut me a check.  I'm pretty much providing the link for your convenience ~ you're welcome.)


Mommycosm's Toyota Story

Recently via TwitterMoms, Toyota asked for me to share my experience with their brand.  I was more than happy to oblige.

A little over a year ago I traded in my Honda mini-van for a Toyota Corolla.  We purchased the S model, a 5-speed manual.  I did a lot of research online before hitting the dealerships.  I was a Web Researcher at the time, afterall.  Based on features and pricing, I narrowed it down to the Honda Civic and the Toyota Corolla.  When it came to test driving the vehicles, the Corolla felt much more comfortable to me and was more *ahem* visually appealing.

According to Max: She's beautiful.

She really, really is.  We named her Roxanne.


photo source: are many things I love about Roxanne.  I mean, look at her. What's not to love.  Right?

The practical side of me loves that my gas consumption went way, way down.  She has an 11ish gallon tank and I usually get just under 400 miles between fill-ups.  I see that as a 2-fer: good for the environment and good for my wallet.

We originally purchased Roxanne with the intent to move to Aruba and ship her with us.  We knew that we would still have access to Toyota parts and service on the island.  Unfortunately, another round of lay offs happened - this time around BOTH of our jobs - and that move is off the table, for now.  So, do I regret my decision to downgrade to a smaller vehicle?  Not at all.

I've been driving Roxanne for 16 months now.  My initial concern: she would be too small for a family of 4 living in the US.  In fact, I had a mild panic attack when my son started playing soccer last summer.  I was accustomed to driving around in larger, 8-passenger vehicles.  I had a Suburban before my mini-vans.  My concerns were quickly dismissed. 

Roxanne has enough room for the entire family AND all of our softball, baseball AND soccer gear.  I haven't felt cramped once.  AND, as a reader nicely pointed out: I get to say NO to carpooling everyone else's kids around because we have just five seat belts.

I'm sure you've all heard about Toyota recalls in the news.  Yes, mine was included.  However, I must say that our Toyota dealer has been very proactive.  In fact, just yesterday while getting an oil change, they had me flagged for another gas pedal recall and took care of it right then and there.  I hadn't noticed any issues.  It was a "just in case" upgrade.  I seriously have no complaints about my car or how Toyota has handled the situation with my family.

The Toyota Corolla is perfect for our family of four.  The gas mileage is great.  There is ample space for all of our stuff.  An added perk: even when I'm driving around with my kids, I don't feel as if I'm driving a "Mom Mobile."  The S model is sporty and has a sun roof and really helps me in my quest to steal small moments to myself.  In fact, when I climb into the car sans kids, it's a much quicker transition from Mom to ME than the mini-van.  Hands down.

Do you own a Toyota?  Check out their Facebook page and Tell Your Story.

Disclaimer: I'm participating in a Toyota/TwitterMoms campaign, which inspired this post. My opinions, thoughts and feelings are my own. As a TwitterMom, I'm eligible for a courtesy gift of $50.


Giveaway: The Modern Girl's Guide to Sticky Situations

I recently received an email from an author - not a PR agency; not a publishing actual author.

Jane Buckingham has already written two bestselling "Modern Girl" books.  She had just finished writing this third one about "Sticky Situations" when a friend of hers was diagnosed with ALS.

I can't do the story justice.  Here's what she had to say:

...ironically just as I put the book to bed, I discovered that there were some situations neither practicality nor wit could fix. A dear friend had been diagnosed with ALS, one of the cruelest diseases I have ever seen. It wasn’t sticky, it stunk.
I asked my husband if we could offer to move her and her family into our house in LA. They lived in NYC but living in a fourth floor walk up while her husband’s job would take him to LA was untenable.  So they packed up and moved in for what we all thought would be a 10 week period.
6 months later we’ve all been living together in a new sort of reality. It only hit me that there were eight of us when I had to fill out the census (and should I count the two visiting family members stuck here for 2 weeks by the volcano??). And while I love my book, it made doling out advice on a philandering husband or a burnt chicken often seem trivial. So the only thing that made sense was to donate the proceeds of the book to her family. The medical costs are high, and whatever happens I want her children to be well cared for.

Publishers and traditional outlets don’t understand this but moms do. SO I am asking for your help to spread the word. 

The web researcher in me went to work and I googled Jane Buckingham.  She's legit...and this is certainly a cause I can stand behind.  Even if the book sucked, I would probably ask my readers to help out in some way, shape or form.

But here's the thing.  The only thing that sucks about this book: the sticky situations we find ourselves in at least once in our lives.  She has pretty sound (and sometimes hilarious) advice on how to gracefully get out of those situations.

The situations vary from "Your family expects you to name your baby after a particular family member, but you don't want to" to "You boss wants to be BFFs and you want to keep a safe distance" and "Your slingbacks won't stay on."

My favorite (so far) is: "Your bra wire is popping out and stabbing your boob."  I'm going to assume that since this plight is listed in a published book, I'm not the only one looking for a solution?!

Let me just repeat that the author is donating all proceeds from the book to her friend.  The picture above links to the publisher.  I didn't use my own Amazon affiliate link this time.  I figure she will get a larger cut.  Any little bit can help.  Even if you can't afford to buy the book yourself, please help spread the word...or just think positive thoughts for her friend.  We all know that alone can work miracles.


In addition to the free review copy, she gave me a SIGNED copy to give away to a lucky Mommycosm reader :)

Want to win?

Leave a comment on this post by midnight (my time, east coast USA) on Sunday, June 20th.  Each person can leave up to 3 comments for a total of 3 entries.


For an additional bonus entry, tweet: "Check out The Modern Girl's Guide to Sticky Situations #giveaway over at @Mommycosm"  Then leave an comment with the link to your tweet.

It's that easy :)